Friday, October 21, 2022

Arts Aweigh Update
28 November 2022

It's 2 weeks since our Pop-UP Show.

The day went well, starting with a great floor arrangement engineered by Joan Machinchick, - the room looked busy and industrious! -- artists brought many treasures to sell or to view--- and despite the very rainy weather,  we saw many friends and neighbors who stopped by to look and chat -- and we got to meet a few new ones as well.  There were sales -- perhaps not as great as we hoped -- and the show wrapped up by 4PM.  Our mailing list has expanded thanks to those who signed up for information.

Many thanks to Trish Doty for all the work she put into the PR, even though she could not take advantage of the event.

And thanks to Kay Fuller for managing the sign-up.

And special thanks to Providence Point for hosting the event, especially to Jennie Slack -- our special contact, who will be leaving PP to move to Texas soon.

Jennie scheduled our next meeting for Thursday, January 5 at 2 PM.

We have another opportunity for a volunteer model,  if we want to have another drawing/painting session.  As long as we have at least 5 willing to come early, I can ask to reserve the  PP room starting at 1PM, so we can have an hour's fun.  So please send me an email if you're interested.

During the show, Missy Cassidy joined us  and stirred up interest in funding for the arts in Annapolis, as per the editorial we circulated about a month ago.  Because of the early interest, Missy hopes to join us at our next meeting to see if there is energy and willingness to participate to pursue this cause. --So that item is on the agenda.

Rosalie Dunn

Need Artwork for Christmas?
    We have decided to maintain our Artists' images on this website through Christmas for anyone who wishes to do some last minute shopping. If you find a work, but the artist does not have a website link or other contact information, please contact Trish at with your contact information. Trish will relay your request. 

Our Next Meeting Date is January 5, 2023
    Arts Aweigh meets in the Regus Building
            1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 305 (3rd floor). 
            The Regus Building is across the street from the Annapolis Trader Joe's. 


Please note, these images are just samples of the work 
that were available at our Holiday Show. 
Photographs do not do true justice to the works;
we encourage you to see them in person.

– Click on the Individual Photos to Enlarge –

Mildred Bottner Anderson

Carolyn Councell

    Featured artist of the Anne Arundel County Arts Council:

    Contact number: 420-437-5474

Rosalie Dunn

Jim Earl


Metro Test

2 and 1/2 Trees

Kay Fuller

Janice Hendra

Janetta Hiesener

Joan Machinchick* 
If interested in her work, you may contact her at:

Grace Stark

Annette Uroskie
Award winning Fine Artist and Photographer
Discover more of her work at:

Elaine Weiner-Reed